Mixing Textures and Fabrics

Monday, February 27 2017 12:31 PM
By Zana Thomas

                          Mixing Textures in Fabric

Since so much is offered, sometimes it’s fun to choose more than one. For instance, we never order a banana splits with just one topping, nor would we throw a dinner party only to invite one guest, We’d never grace a Chinese buffet to fill our plates with only sweet and sour chicken. When working on our designs, there are times when one fabric just won’t do so we mix it up! We put silks with chenille, we pair toile with floral, we add suede to printed linen, and we bounce polka dots off nubby chenille. Mixing textures gives greater dimension to your design — they also energize and excite.

So, when selecting fabrics, take time to study textures, weaves, color variations, and patterns. Remember that combining fabrics always intensifies the design, and your rewards are a more customized finish.

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