More Color can Cheer up your House and Your Life

Monday, February 27 2017 12:24 PM
By Zana Thomas

More Color can Cheer up your House and Your Life


Add bright colors for a refreshing change to your interior look.

Bright colors add warmth and energy to a room. They actually make your house and your life feel more joyful! Your choice of bright colors in interior design elements is almost unlimited.

Zesty tropical shades like turquoise and hot pink

  • Primary tones of red, yellow and blue
  • Trendy colors like acid green and tangerine

Are you afraid to be so bold? “Just enough” is a good strategy for bright colors. So, if you're nervous, start small – or start in a small room - with:

One painted wall

  • Throw pillows
  • Bed linens
  • Table settings
  • Accessories
  • Artwork

Feeling braver? You can add larger touches of bold in upholstery fabric, window coverings, rugs, wallcoverings and furniture. Follow these tips to make sure your bright colors are energetic, but not chaotic:

Balance bright colors with white or black to make them pop.

  • For a softer look, complement bright tones with neutral beige, cream or gray.
  • Think complementary colors, one soft and one bold; for example, sage green with bright red or powder blue with electric orange.
  • Start with a favorite piece of art that has splashes of bright color and let that define your bright palette.

Get rid of the blahs in your house now that winter is over. Add bright and cheerful colors to lift your spirits and create a vibrant interior look!

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